Be one of the first in the Netherlands 

Calypso is a German interior design duo based in Amsterdam which is the first in the world to create personalized interior lightobjects in a fun fair style. By building unique art pieces we empower our clients to differentiate themselves from the rest and mitigate their risk of being ordinary. Nice that you are here!

Here is why you partner with Calypso

  • Instagram

We build for your Instagram

Be instagrammable! Not less, not more! Social media play an essential role in the evaluation of your interior concept and we will help you to build that eyecatcher that will get the clicks!

  • Pinterest

We cure you from Pinterest

As great as this tool is, it kills your creativity. And fishing in the same sea of inspiration ultimately means creating the same interior concepts as everybody else. Choosing for Calypso means doing what nobody has done before!

We help you to differentiate

Be one of the first in the Netherlands and beyond who ever used such a style in his interior. Get ready for attention, prepare yourself for the magazines and be warned that the awards will come. Ready to take a ride?

Products & Services - here is what we do for you!

Personalization is key! Your logo or creative brand expression, we take care of it. Customized size, shape, color, everything is possible! Hanging from the ceiling or on the wall, you name it. Your bar, your lobby, your co-working space; from the initial design to the final installation, we do it!

Customized Designs

From Bar to Retail

Whole Process Covered

Be a pioneer and join the rest!

Ever wondered why coffee places all over the world look the same nowadays? We are going to help you to overcome that boredom. The demand for authenticity his higher then ever before; come and join the movement!

Kim, Senior Interiordesigner

"Algorithms define everything. Truly unique is something that has self designed elements and combinations that have no been tried before."

Ruud, Head of Design

"Interior needs to be photographable. A 100 clients in your restaurant mean a 100 mobiles. If just the half of them post something, your bills for the next month are paid."

Gerben, Projectmanager

"A current trend? Everything is allowed again. Even though still everybody hunts on Pinterest and takes the same picture in Milan, there is a place and need for new designers who astonish with originalty."

Ready to make a difference?

Most people are reasonable. That's why they do reasonably well. What about you, in for something exciting?

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