About us

We knew we had to do it. Because we knew that the day will come that we will look back at this moment. And we don't want to think: What if...? So from that moment on everything happend real quick. While one stepped out of corporate life, the other quit his career as a mechanical engineer and together we followed our true passion. A passion for the beautiful, a passion for the arts, a passion for interior design. Twelve beers and endless A$AP Rocky tracks later, the decision was made. The rest is history and Calypso was founded.

About you

Calypso is a lifelong friendship of two boys coming from the same neighbourhood somewhere in Germany. Just shortly after the moment when the one got father of his first Dutch little princess and the other celebrated his 10th anniversary in this country, the moment seemed right and Calypso was established.


The aim of Calypso is to add something to the current interior landscape. We want to help our clients to differentiate, to astonish. The quality in nowadays interior scenery is of very high standard and great stuff is done out there. However, especially in the times of Instagram and Pinterest, concepts start to resemble each other. In order to survive in this competitive market, one has to distinguish. And that's exactly where we come into play. Because the Calypso-series is different from all there is. And that's what our clients benefit from. 

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